Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mrs. Williams Dreams of 1:1

Laura Williams, 6th grade Science teacher, shared the following:

We do labs on a regular basis in science.  The students work collaboratively in groups but each child turns in their own assignment.  It takes a lot of paper to make the copies for each child.  Also, some students don’t write as quickly as others and they get behind writing down the answers and then they aren’t able to participate in the group discussion.  Some students also do not want to share their ideas so they write down answers on their own without letting the group know their thoughts.

If we were one to one, I could transfer all of my labs to google templates and share it with each child.  This would allow them to truly collaborate together.  The template would allow each student to type their ideas on the lab template at the same time, but not over each others entries.  I would be able to tell which child typed what, to make sure each child’s ideas were being written down.

Another benefit is that it allows students to receive immediate visual and verbal feedback on their data and responses.  Students have different learning styles and some need to “see” as well hear what feedback and directions I have for them.  They can access the documents at anytime from anywhere as long as they can get on their google account.  This allows them to look back over their work, reflect and self-correct.  

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