Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mr. Timm Dreams of 1:1

Brian Timm, 7th grade Math teacher, shared the following:

For my geometry unit, my learners have a class set of iPads.  I've used a flipped-mastery model for this unit, which means each student must demonstrate mastery of the concept before moving on to the next one.  Their lecture and instruction are online, as well as their practice.  Once they're comfortable, they attempt a mastery challenge and then create a blog post on the concept.  Since the iPads are still shared and do not stay with the students, they're mostly used for them to consume the videos, practice, etc.  Learners do create some pictures, but most of what they do for the unit is not created by them.

If we were a 1:1 iPad school, the unit would shift to a more learner-created unit.  Their products to demonstrate mastery of a concept could be a video tutorial that they create, teaching the concept back.  Since they would be able to have their iPad with them at all times, I would not have to worry about them using each other's material.  I'll know that their content is their creation.  Their math blogs could include these tutorials created by the learner, essentially creating their own online textbook.  Since these would be posted on their blogs, this form of a textbook can stay with them throughout their schooling.  Learners would have a voice, quite literally, in their own instruction.

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